Extended Preschool - After-School


Gaia is ideally suited for parents looking for longer preschool hours and day care options. The Childcare Programme provides a perfect setting for active and energetic children who have outgrown the home environment and are looking for a stimulating and authentic childhood.

Childcare is carefully planned and structured to meet the needs of the different age groups, yet autonomous. The programme balances several levels of learning within an interactive setting as children of all age groups mix freely. The programme is open to children who attend schools other than Gaia.

Very popular with parents, who recognise the importance of Socialisation and Free Play, the extended preschool Programme flags off from 12.30 pm with lunch. Children of all ages eat together in the open-air courtyard surrounded by fruit trees, squirrels and birds. Many play-dates are confirmed and new friendships are forged everyday over this meal that forms a special connection with home halfway through the day. It also includes 'Quiet Time' for the toddlers and anyone else who needs to catch-up on that all-important afternoon nap. For the untiring and determined, there is Stay2Play and a hundred things to do…

Feedback from parents suggests that children who spend time in Gaia’s extended Programme are relaxed and stress-free, develop a powerful and invaluable bond with the outdoors and natural world, have excellent social skills and rarely opt to use the visual media when given a choice.


  12.30 pm to 5.30/6 pm

  3.00 pm to 5.30/6 pm