Enriched Curriculum


Extended Preschool and After-School daycare offers a range of Activity Centers that complements the curriculum and provides an enriching experience for children of mixed age groups.

Integrating the indoor and outdoor areas, Gaia’s teachers are specially trained and equipped to handle and deliver a synthesis of several original and unique programmes that strikes a perfect balance for children who love to work hard and play hard. Children may enroll in more formal Afterschool workshops available at the school from time to time, exercise choice in the more free-flowing activity centers or just be with friends

Activities offered include Dance and movement, Art, Carpentry, Splash Pools, Outdoor Sports, Cook and Serve, Gardening, Romp and Roll Gym and Trampoline, Card and Board Games, 2D and 3D Construction, Keyboard and Pottery. Parents come in to share skills or catch up with news over a cuppa!


  12:30 pm to 3:00 pm